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D/B presents: Alexander Tucker / Imbogodom @ Blissland Berlin | Friday 21.01.2011

IMBOGODOM is Tucker’s live representation of the reel to reel tape loop album he and New Zealander Daniel Beban produced for Thrill Jockey in 2010.
[audio:Alexander Tucker – veins to the sky.mp3]Making illicit use of the BBC’s antiquated machines at their Bush House studios (where Beban worked briefly before returning to NZ), their ‘The Metallic Year’ album betrays a love of Delia Derbyshire, Terry Riley, Steve Reich and Alastair Galbraith.

This tour sees Tucker in solo guise, capturing the eerie analog magic of the album and, who knows, maybe even wearing his yeti suit!

“a warm, beautifully realised LP that’s been recorded and pieced together with great care, and whose sound is at least partly indebted to the spirit of that other great BBC institution: the Radiophonic Workshop. A piece like ‘The Endless Body’, with its strange piano manipulations is like some old soundtrack to a 1960s TV ghost story, while the multi-layered loops of ‘Indosoap’ continue to send shivers down the spine. Further ghoulish goings on are to be heard in the queasy dronescape of ‘Calibos’ but it’s through the grinding magnetic reels of the bookending two-parter ‘The Metallic Year’ that Imbogodom’s alluring, occultist tendencies become most readily apparent.Boomkat

Blissland is an brandnew Art and New Media Project located in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, run by a collective of artists and musicians. In the Land of Bliss every single atom is permeated with Art and every month we try to alter the composition by mixing atoms of Sound, Visual and Culture, in order to create a reality where it is possible to dream different dreams, see with different eyes, hear different music and think different thoughts.


Alexander Tucker plays Imbogodom
presented by Digital in Berlin

Friday, 21.01.2011 | 21:00 CET
Blissland Gallery | Bornholmer Strasse 8 | 10439 Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg

http://www.blissland.eu | http://www.myspace.com/alexanderdtucker