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D/B Recommended: Alexander Rishaug LIVE @ O Tannenbaum in Berlin | Saturday, 07.05.2011

Alexander Rishaug is a sound artist and musician based in Oslo, Norway.

[audio:A.Rishaug – Drawing A Day.mp3]Rishaug explores tones and textures through the use of electronics, field recordings, toys or simply just playing around with an instrument. Rishaug combines the intimate knowledge of his musical equipment with the playfulness of an amateur.

The result is always a detailed, rich and subtle sound, with a sharp focus on structure, rhythm and stretched out melod…ies. His sonic landscapes build and expand slowly, thereby moving the listener along an exploration of the experience of time. Acoustic and digital sounds are blended so that the origin is sometimes difficult to trace.

Alexander Rishaug & Marius Watz | Concert at Generator.x 2.0: Audiovisual during Club Transmediale 2008.

Among the musical references we find minimalist old-timers such as Steve Reich and Terry Riley, whose repetitive patterns and drones respectively, form the basis of much of Rishaug’s album Possible Landscape. These song structures are combined with a sonic palette that is equally informed by post-90s electronic music and glitch as by composers such as Pierre Henry and Bernhard Parmigiani.

He just released a new album “Shadow of Events” on Hamburg label Dekorder.


Alexander Rishaug  LIVE
Support: DJ Fett

Saturday, 7th Mai 2011 | 21:00 CET | 3 €
O Tannenbaum | Sonnen Allee 27 | 12047 Berlin/Neukölln

www.o-tannenbaum-berlin.de | http://www.arishaug.com | http://www.dekorder.com