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D/B Recommended: Air Cushion Finish @ Kugelbahn Berlin | Friday, 25.05.2012

In Air Cushion Finish, Berlin’s real-time musicians jayrope & Lippstueck (and a wealth of ever changing guests) share a passion for music constantly redefining itself every time they play live, but cinematically leaning on to vocal synthesizerism, postfolk, krautrock, ambient, cathedral dub or ultra slow dance floor tracks.

The two enjoy playing support for their own fav’ musicians (Rusty Santos’ The Present, Carla Bozulich, Sunset Rubdown, Bachelorette, Lichens etc.) while one can meet them as well at their homebase in Biesenthal near Berlin, where you’d eventually catch them in musical free flight, enticing random visitors with an unesoteric kind of Open Sky Music.

Both protagonists belong to Berlin’s internationally traveling underground since the late 1990’s. Namely jayrope’s first releases on Alec Empire’s Geist Records under the name Rope were touring half the planet and finally into Lippstueck’s first own club called Goldmund. At the start of the new millennium this location gave birth to a new tradition of incomparably side-tracked and wonderful pop music. Parallel universal music.

Air Cushion Finish | Sexskandale

Today this has grown into a hidden, partly international network of parallel universal music. Thousands in town, fans, musicians & promoters alike, unite in relishing passionate inventions coming from all over.

Transformational readiness. Joy of experimentation. Will to enchant. Such tags come up, when one listens to numerous live recordings of Air Cushion Finish. The traditional music critique, weaned from joyful experiment, was abandoned without further ado, and the lake-based Biesentales Records was started in 2009 ago with local friends.

Here you’ll find two already released Air Cushion Finish albums, one of them in collaboration with Kranky Records artist Lichens/Robert Lowe. Most of those releases come in lovingly hand-made, custom designed fashion, flying off the shelves at last, to the homes of people happy about finding that special sauce.

Air Cushion Finish  LIVE

Friday, 25 May 2012 | 21:00 CET
Kugelbahn | Grüntaler Str. 51 | 13359 Berlin/Wedding

aircushionfinish.com | biesentales.com | kugelbahn-wedding.com