D/B Recommended: New AFTA-1 FORM

F O R M is a multi-medium art project by the L.A. based producer Manuel Moran aka. AFTA-1.  F O R M will be presented in phases as it evolves and grows, and will be available in select physical formats, only in limited hand-made quantities.

[audio:Afta1-AftathoughtsVol1-01-Quest.mp3]The first edition of F O R M is available in 100 Limited, hand-made cassette tapes (as well as digital download).  Form by definition is the mode in which a thing exists, acts, or manifests itself.

It is the foundation by which all things are perceivable in the physical realm. Our reality takes form as we visualize to manifest it.

Once it is visualized it can be created physically. Becoming part in building our exterior existence as a reflection of what we are within; Life, Love, Creation.

100 cassettes tapes, dubbed and hand designed 1 by 1,  with original cover art painted on 36″x48″ canvas, then cut into 100 4″ x 4″ cassette inserts. Giving each cassette buyer a one of a kind, 1/100th of the original painting (Painting to be revealed in its entirety at a later date).