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1115 and Invader Ace at Antje Öklesund / Wednesday, 09.03.2016

A powerful double bill of abstract electronics and dadaist grooves this March at Antje Oklesund with new signing on Alien Transistor, 1115, from Munich playing their Berlin debut, plus Skandinavian tubatechnoradiopop duo also performing. Both of which promises to to get you jumpin.

1115 are an experimental kraut-rave-IDM duo consisting of grey and fehler kuti. The two met in Munich in 2015 and started jamming in fehler’s kitchen in the Westermühlstrasse. Grey operates a virtual 808 drum machine, bass and organ synthesizer, while fehler kuti uses, loops and modulates his voice. Their performances are rythm heavy hypnotic jam sessions that range from noise soundscapes to techno like club raves. Imagine Dieter Moebius and The Residents attending a Hauka Cult ritual or Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Spaceman 3 jamming on a cruise ship down the river Ganges.


The title of their debut record The Drowned World is a reference to J.G. Ballard’s novel of the same name. The author depicts a surreal future in which the borders of the subconscious and the material world collapse and the pounding of jungle drums drives men and women into isolation: A psychedelic dreamland. To Ballard the most menacing future scenario resembled the absence of crisis, which he encountered in a suburb of Düsseldorf, a place where freedom could only be found in the field of psychopathology. 1115 are currently recording an album produced by Cico Beck and Markus Acher set for release in 2017.

INVADER ACE is a duo pioneering the genre tubatechnoradiopop. Since the band was founded it has spent ridiculous amounts of money on old radios, broken drum machines and cheap electronic gear. This investment, combined with reasearch on two of the strongest forces in the universe(dance and love), has so far resulted in a brand new EP ”DANCE”. The duo consists of Peder Simonsen on Tuba, elctronics and drum machines, and Anton Toorell on vocals, guitar, elctronics and no-input mixingboard. All these magnificent sounds are then transmitted via FM senders to a wall of old tube Radios, used as amplification.

Scandinavian duo invader ace consists of anton toorell (Sweden) on guitar and vocals and peder simonsen (Normway)on tuba and drum machines. Instead of using computers or synths to produce dance music, the band built a custom rig of cheap diy-electronics and a wall of old radios used as amplifiers. invader ace are like audio recyclers, creating new contexts for their instruments to function in. they challenge the perceptions of what electronic music should be.

1115 and Invader Ace

Wednesday, 9th March 2016 | 21:00 CET
Antje Öklesund | Rigaer Str. 71 – 73 | 10247 Berlin/Friedrichshain

1115 | Invader Ace | Event @ Facebook | antjeoeklesund.de


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