Zinc & Copper at Zwingli-Kirche / 23. & 24.10.2021

Berlin’s low brass trio Zinc & Copper present two concerts at the Zwingli Kirche in Berlin Friedrichshain on October 23 and 24, part of their popular Well Tuned Brass series. These concerts bring together music by two very special composers from Paris – Éliane Radigue and Kasper T. Toeplitz. Their work, which manifests a profound research into the subtle depths of sound, intermediary tones and expansive atmospheres, is aligned to Zinc & Copper’s own affinity with deep microtonal explorations.

Both composers have their own unique and independent voices, but they are also connected since Toeplitz commissioned Radigue to compose “Elemental II” for him in 2004. This composition for electric bass marked a turning point in her work as the first instrumental piece after decades of electronic composition and will be heard on Saturday 23rd of October for the first time in Berlin.

The second premiere that evening will be Toeplitz’s brand new work for amplified brass and live electronics – “Vents stellaires” – especially commissioned for Well Tuned Brass 2021. This work explores the natural breath of brass playing in a dynamic microtonal interplay with live electronics, astrally projecting into the deep spaces of the church. The fundamental air movement of brass instruments, hidden in the depths of the metal tubes, is activated by breathing and transformed by electronic circuits. In the generative tension between the slowest movement and excitedly accelerated live processing, the electronically transformed ensemble becomes a dynamic and dramatic meta-instrument. Music which can only be experienced live!

Éliane Radigue’s work is central to both evenings and the second concert on 24 October begins with a public discussion with Toeplitz and Zinc & Copper about their work with the grande dame of contemporary minimalism. This discussion, moderated by Thomas Gläßer, will touch on Toeplitz’s first contact with Radigue, Robin Hayward’s solo and ensemble work with her and Zinc & Copper’s experience of working with Radigue from 2016 up until the first performance of “Occam Ocean – Occam Delta X” in December 2018. This work will then be played in Berlin for the first time – a non-linear journey moving from the subharmonic depths of the ocean, almost imperceptibly rising to a bright surface.

Zinc & Copper

23.10.2021 | Doors 19:00  | Starts 20:00 CET
24.10.2021 | Doors 17:00  | Starts 18:00 CET
Zwingli-Kirche | Rudolfstrasse 14 | 10245 Berlin

zincandcopper.org | Event @ Facebook

Picture: Zinc & Copper by Cristina Marx
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