Zabriskie Bookshop

Zabriskie is a bookshop in the centre of Kreuzberg which has a focus in literature and literary happenings below the mainstream radar: extraordinary music, film, photography and visual art; counter-culture; avant-garde; outsiders; magic; the bizarre, exotic and interesting side of culture and natural history; idlers and flaneurs; utopian society; DIY and self-sufficiency; drugs and higher states of consciousness; children’s books on nature; phantastic and surreal novels and novellas.

You can get books and mags in english and german, and readings and presentations (also german and english) take place in frequent intervals. In the past, Zabriskie hosted among others a presentation of Occulto Magazine with poem recital by James Vella and Aidan Baker, a reading about John Cage’s mycophilia, a few animal portrait evenings, a couple of artist presentations with nature related topics. The store is run by Lorena Carràs and D/B collaborator and Abendlandung Radio presenter Jean-Marie Dhur.

Zabriskie Buchladen | Manteuffelstr. 73 | 10999 Berlin/Kreuzberg | FacebookZabriskie @ D/B

Photo by Dirk Markham