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Y-E-S Fest at Agora / 29.-30.09.2018

Launched in September 2017, Y-E-S is an online platform, a digital publisher and a collective of artists from within different felds of experimental music. Each month at y-e-s.org, they release musical works that deal with performativity, the physicality of sound, temporality, perceptual perspectives, interactivity and the framework of the concert industry. With an deliberately loose approach, the festival will present the frst 12 pieces from the Y-E-S catalog, to see how they relate to one another, what connects them and what sets them apart. With an experimental approach, Y-E-S welcomes a critical and creative audience to actively take part in the presentation of these works. Aside from the collective’s fve Berlin-based founders, the festival has invited several guests who have also contributed to the Y-E-S catalog over the past 12 months.


Samuel Yulsman
Jessie Marino
Marcela Lucatelli
Yiran Zhao
Anne Glassner
Kaj Duncan David
Andreas Dzialocha
Martin Hiendl
Neo Hülcker
Stellan Veloce

The Y-E-S collective is inspired by questions surrounding music publishing and authorship: Can compositions be understood as social systems? What happens when a work is created pluralistically and the “single author” disappears? What kind of festivals are needed today within the felds of contemporary and new music? As opposed to a typical showcase festival, Y-E-S is mainly concerned with the social aspect of gathering, spending time together and exchanging ideas. There is no fxed program but rather a ‘pool’ of works, questions, techniques, artists and spaces to perform, exhibit, discuss or expand on them. Artists and audiences are encouraged to participate, helping shape this pool on site over the course of the festival’s two days. Y-E-S Fest is part of feld note’s “Month of Contemporary Music”.

Y-E-S Fest

Saturday, 29th & Sunday, 30th September 2018
Agora | Am Sudhaus 2 | 12053 Berlin

y-e-s.org | Month of Contemporary Music | Event @ Facebook

Photo: Neo Hülcker © David Beercroft

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