Picture: Lucatelli by Ana Alexandrino
Picture: Lucatelli by Ana Alexandrino

Y-E-S Fest #2 at Heizhaus Uferstudios / 10+11.09.2022

On the 10th and 11th of September the Y-E-S collective invites to the second edition of the Y-E-S Fest, taking place in and around the Heizhaus of the Uferstudios in Berlin. The program includes interdisciplinary performances to be read freely as music, dance, performative acts or/and interventions in public space.

For example: Workshops on the intersecting of the botanical and musical work of Hildegard von Bingen, and on creative activism in colonized vacation areas; an installation transferring the architecture of public space into sound; exclusive insights into leaked and cla$$sified documents from Trump’s M-R-LGO estate; splendid musical performances and more.


Maikon K
Jessie Marino
Marcela Lucatelli
BAG collective (Annegret Schalke, Maya Weinberg, Nattan Dobkin)
Viola Yip
Ehsan Shayanfard
Atalya Tirosh
Lucien Danzeisen + Lennart Melzer
Kaj Duncan David
Andreas Dzialocha
Name Change (Neo Hülcker and Stellan Veloce)

As part of the Y-E-S Fest program three free workshops will be held in the Heizhaus of Ufer Studios. The workshops are open to all, no previous knowledge required. Question and registration: mail@y-e-s.org

Saturday (22-24 CET): Pulp Suede Blur with B A G collective

In this workshop the collective of choreographers B A G invites the participants to see and experience physical space though a lens of blurriness. Masking our gaze with grainy transparent filters, we will dive together into a contour-less performative space, a theatre of light, sound and movement.

Sunday (16-18 CET): Song of Herbs – Exploring Medicinal Plants for Self-Expression

A participatory workshop-performance informed by Hildegard von Bingen’s (1098-1179) body of work, combining experimental vocalization techniques and principals of herbal medicine, with the aim to help anyone find their voice, for singing or for speaking their truth. No previous knowledge is required.

Sunday (17-18:30 CET: Tour Operator by C.A.S.C.A.T.A.

The anti-militarist collective C.A.S.C.A.T.A. will lead Tour Operator, a experiential, co-participatory workshop to discover the Mediterranean island Sardinia, 1897 kilometers of beautiful cost, 35000 acres of military zones. Through guided play participants will perform and experience the contradictions of life in Sardinia, discovering this maritime paradise, destination of 3 million tourists a year (500 thousand of which came from Germany in 2019)

Positionen – Texte zur aktuellen Musik will be with us on Saturday to celebrate the release of Heft #132.

Y-E-S Fest #2

10.+11.09.2022 | Doors 17:00 CET
Heizhaus in Uferstudios | Uferstraße 23 in 13357, Berlin

2022.y-e-s.org | Event @ Facebook

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