Wax Stag: If a cake falls in the forest, does anyone eat it?

Wax Stags Album CoverDamn straight we do! After being teased with the nostalgic fantasy-run “Short Road” on the last Hot Chip “DJ Kicks” mix CD and the ten inchers on People In The Sky, Wax Stag (aka Rob Lee) drops this self-titled 10 oz. burger on our plates. Oh but this force-feeding is essential. Open wide and savour the morsels slowly like a respectable individual. For fans of analog synths, 8-bit sonics (this isn’t 8-bit music however), melodic structures and, well, quality instrumental music.

Also, check out the artwork which is crafted from Rob Lee himself from cut-out paper. Oh, how we likes the DIY action. Wax on, wax on.


Wax Stag Myspace
People In The Sky Records
Wag Stag’s “Short Road” Video (YouTube)