WALLS & BIRDS at Monarch / Wednesday, 28.06.2017

While Tillie & Morrow are in South America attending the Wedding of their sister, Rosi & Lollo discover tillie’s old Time Machine in the attic and accidentaly travel back to 2007 where it seems fashionable to them to compose a silvery bouquet of melodies presented to the audience in a serene live show experience at Ballhaus Berlin.

It’s Springtime in Walls & Birds and few questions have been left unanswered: What makes the heart of every elderly couple beat in high spirit? What makes the merry go round go round & who kisses their first kiss? Like someone in love having little trouble travelling sideways through time, a group of four girls from California who picked their name up the infamous eighty’s underground pop group Walls & Birds -cause these rare occasions of sublime encounters with the other world which might as well have been there behind the curtain all along is what makes the audience forget time & potential relationships of how they got in the botanical ballroom in the first place for a while start twisting layers of perception, playing the rhumba or cha-cha as nonchalant as the slow waltz, leaving their audience mostly unexcited.

Those well over fifty might enjoy the standard repertoire of comments on healthcare, love & the weather, enjoy a night full of surprises, even enjoy the soft music that can be heard from time to time, when the telephones start to ring and the lights are dimmed, what a beautiful evening. For the first time in full lenght and brilliant colour Walls & Birds present their springtime programme to all audiences at Ballhaus Berlin on June 8th.


Wednesday, 28.06.2017
Monarch, Skalitzer Str. 134 in 10999 Berlin/Kreuzberg

www.wallsandbirds.com | Event @ Facebook

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