VU DE L’ EXTÉRIEUR #3: Andrea Neumann + Thomas Fehlmann at Escape Diaphanes / Friday, 29.06.2018

VU DE L’ EXTÉRIEUR is a new series for electronic and electroacoustic music located in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg // Oranienplatz. It will present on six dates throughout the year always an artist and a dj from either the electronic or electroacoutic / improvisers scene.

Born 1968 in Freiburg, grew up in Hamburg. Piano lessons since 1974. Studied piano at “Hochschule der Kunste” in Berlin. Since 1996 primarily active as improviser and composer in the areas of experimental and new music. In the process of exploring the piano for new sound possibilities, she has reduced the instrument to strings, resonance board and metal frame.

With the help of electronics to manipulate and amplify the sounds (sometimes to make parts of the sound audible which are inaudible without amplification), she has developed numerous new playing techniques, sounds, and ways of preparing the dismantled instrument. Because the original inside piano is very heavy, a piano builder (Bernd Bittmann, Berlin) constructed a new and lighter one for her. She has worked intensively in the crossover area between composition and improvisation, and in the field between electronic and handmade sounds, with Berlin musicians such as Annette Krebs, Ignaz Schick, Axel Dörner, Robin Hayward and Burkhard Beins. She has composed for inside piano for interdisciplinary projects including film, dance, performance, etc.

Thomas Fehlmann, is a Swiss-born composer/producer who lives in Berlin, Germany, and has been active in electronic music as far back as the 1980s. He is currently active on the Kompakt record label based in Germany. He is an on and off member of such groups as Sun Electric and The Orb

Every event will start with an introductory DJ-set by Hanno Leichtmann followed by a solo or duo concert performance and a listening DJ-set.

Read our interview with VU DE L’ EXTÉRIEUR – artist Marta de Pascalis here.

VU DE L’ EXTÉRIEUR #3Andrea Neumann LIVE + Thomas Fehlmann DJ

Friday, 29th June 2018 | Doors 21:00 CET | Starts 21:00 CET
Escape Diaphanes | Dresdener Str. 118 | 10999 Berlin

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