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Volga at ausland

Live recorded at Ausland (one of my favorite Venue) in Berlin. Sounds like ethnic, folklore, industrial – good, unique and really strange psychedelic music.

Angela Manukian, Alexei Borisov, Yuri Balashov and Roman Lebedev have created the most, and the only well-known, in international music area, Russian project, working in folklore/authentic style, connecting together Slavic ancient and national songs and actual electronic tunes. Download all MP3 in ZIP (320 kbps)

All tracks of this album has been recorded live at Ausland club, Berlin in 2007, except track #5, recorded live at NATO club, Leipzig in 2007. Special thanks to Gregor, Tops, Henning, Maugli, Tania, Carsten, Eugeny,
FM3 and all Volga friends in Germany.

Compiled by Nikita Golyshev / Released by Ilias Mikanaev / View cover artwork by Vlad Inr / http://excentrica.org