Virginia Wing + Slow Steve at Acud Macht Neu! / Tuesday, 07.04.2015

Measures Of Joy is the debut album from South London based group Virginia Wing, having been released on Fire Records in last November. The album is a work of psychedelic majesty that avoids the rockist trappings that many contemporary bands fall into; speaking to everyday anxiety and isolation and in contrast, seeking to evoke an inner world of pastoral fortification.

The startlingly realised collection draws influence from the radiophonic sounds of Broadcast, the kosmische wonder of Cluster and the rhythmic propulsion of This Heat whilst never directly emulating any particular style. Building on the experimentations found on their 7″ on Critical Heights and a 12″ EP on Faux Discx, Measures Of Joy encompasses spoken-word passages, brooding electronics and musique concrete influences to create songs that are at once immediate and truly strange.


From the metronomic pulse of “World Contact” and the avant-pop of “Marnie” to the sonic experimentation of “Gold Thread”, Measures Of Joy is a record that consistently surprises and ensnares; a collection of hallucinogenic pop-songs played with a sense of urgency and an experimental verve.

Also known as Deoda Byrnes or Defenestration, SLOW STEVE is a french composer, sound artist and music activist living in Berlin. He plays a noisy analog synth pop with layers of keyboards, vocals, anolog synthesizers and drum machine, bringing his audiences into a sonic realm of outer space. His debut album will be out soon on Morr Music.

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Virginia Wing + Slow Steve

Tuesday, 07th April 2015 | 20:00 CET
Acud Macht Neu! | Veteranenstr. 21 | 10119 Berlin/Mitte | | |


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