Unexpected Territories by David Tudor – Concerts / 1-9.07.2022


The ten-day event series “unexpected territories” by singuhr – projekte with exhibitions, concerts, workshops and a symposium (1-10.7.) will follow in the footsteps of the American composer, performer and legendary pioneer of live electronics, David Tudor (1926-1996).

Two concerts with works by Mats Lindström, Phil Edelstein and David Tudor / Friday, 1.7.2022

The series kicks off with a double concert at the Villa Elisabeth. The programme includes David Tudor’s piece “Untitled” from 1972/1994 with a video-still by Sophia Ogielska, and two world premieres: In “Subject to Change – for video and sound (for D.T.)”, Phil Edelstein, who himself performed with Tudor until the 1990s, reflects on Tudor’s vision of a sound-based video control. Swedish artist Mats Lindström stages an immersive environment with “One (for David Tudor)”, in which sound and neon light are synchronised.

19:00 | David Tudor – “Untitled” (1972/1994) mit Michael Johnsen (projection von Sophia Ogielska)
Phil Edelstein – “Subject to Change” for Video and Sound (for D. T.), UA

20:30 | Mats Lindström – “One (for David Tudor)” for neon light and live electronics, UA

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Villa Elisabeth | Invalidenstr. 3 | 10115 Berlin

Two concerts with works by David Tudor and Jan St. Werner / Saturday, 2nd July 2022

The second double concert of “unexpected territories” at Villa Elisabeth combines three of Tudor’s original compositions with a new work by Berlin artist Jan St. Werner: “Robodynamic Diffusion (RDD) – for moving loudspeaker” – a mobile loudspeaker system that sonically activates the space through its movement. “Pepscillator” (1970) and “Microphone” (1970, realised by Matt Rogalsky) are two works that were part of the programme in the Pepsi Pavilion at the 1970 World’s Fair in Osaka, Japan – a multimedia work of art produced by E.A.T. (Experiments in Art and Technology). With “Hedgehog” (1985, realised by Michael Johnsen), a late piece by Tudor is also on the programme.

19:00 | David Tudor “Pepscillator” (1970) with John Driscoll, Phil Edelstein David Tudor “Hedgehog” (1985) with Michael Johnsen

20:30 | David Tudor “Microphone” (1970) with Matt Rogalsky
Jan St. Werner & Michael Akstaller “Robodynamische Diffusion (RDD)” for moving loudspeaker, UA

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Villa Elisabeth | Invalidenstr. 3 | 10115 Berlin

Works by Laura Mello & Wolfgang Musil, David Tudor and Monobirds Orchestra / Friday, 8th July 2022

The third double concert on 8 July in St. Elisabeth’s Church presents “Pulsers” (1976), one of Tudor’s central no-input feedback pieces, performed on restored original Tudor equipment (performed by Michael Johnsen). The “Monobirds Orchestra (after and with David Tudor’s Monobird)” with Jacob Kirkegaard, Julie Martin, You Nakai and Phil Edelstein experiments with a selection of sounds from Tudor’s Pepsi tapes – recordings he made on site in the run-up to the 1970 World Expo in Osaka. The theme of voice/language, on the other hand, is the focus of the UA “Analog thoughts transformed by digital dreams” by composer and performer Laura Mello and composer Wolfgang Musil, in which the possibilities of the voice are explored in an expanded electroacoustic space.

19:00 | Laura Mello & Wolfgang Musil “Analog thoughts transformed by digital dreams” for voice and live electronics, UA
David Tudor “Pulsers” (1976) with Michael Johnsen, Phil Edelstein

20:30 | “Monobirds Orchestra (after and with David Tudor’s Monobird)” with Jacob Kirkegaard, Julie Martin, You Nakai, Phil Edelstein

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St. Elisabeth-Kirche | Invalidenstraße 3 | 10115 Berlin

Final concert with works by Hans W. Koch, Michael Johnson and David Tudor / Saturday, 9th July

The concert programme in the St. Elisabeth Church will conclude with pieces that deal with one of the central phenomena in Tudor’s work: feedback. The Cologne composer and sound artist/performer hans w. koch is particularly interested in the use of phase shifts in combination with feedback in a real space. In “untitled, 2022”, Michael Johnsen pursues the live-electronic birth of signals in cyclical transformations. For the finale, David Tudor’s “Microphone”, another of the Pepsi Pavilion pieces, is performed again, this time in a new interpretation by Tudor’s friends and colleagues John Driscoll and Phil Edelstein.

19:00 | hans w. koch “i smile when the sound is singing through the space” for 12 speakers, moving microphone, UA
Michael Johnsen “untitled, 2022” for live-electronics, UA
David Tudor “Microphone” (1970) with John Driscoll, Phil Edelstein

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St. Elisabeth Church | Invalidenstraße 3 in 10115 Berlin

Organised by singuhr e.v. Supported by: Hauptstadtkulturfonds. With the kind support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation. In collaboration with: Kultur Büro Elisabeth, Kunsthaus Acud, Meinblau Projektraum and Digital in Berlin.
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