Turbulenzen – Festival für aktuelle interkulturelle Musik at Radialsystem V / Friday, 08.12. – Sunday, 10.12.2017

The world’s cultures are getting closer together and merging – old structures broken up, the unknown combines with the known, new things are being created. The festival ‘Turbulenzen’ at Radialsystem V shows how stimulating and exciting these global developments can be for music.

For three days, the festival presents the multifaceted creations of five ensembles that have dedicated themselves to the fusion and combination of European and Asian sound structures. The Omnibus Ensemble (Uzbekistan), The Six Tones (Vietnam/Sweden) and Ensemble Reconsil (Austria), Ensemble Extrakte (Berlin) and the AsianArt Ensemble (Berlin) mix up a variety of musical cultures and traditions, creating ‘turbulence’ in the best sense of the word. There will be four different concerts, where they will showcase their artistic scope and perform compositions which were specially commissioned for the festival – a reflection of their insights into different musical cultures.

Concert introductions and the symposium ‘Turbulence – New Roots for New Music’, lead by Prof. Sandeep Bhagwati offer further insights into the topic of intercultural music. The symposium questions the Eurocentric focus of New Music in the 20th century, and puts a spotlight on interactions between different traditions and logics as well as people’s diverse roots from which New Music can be created. The end of the festival is also the beginning of something new: The foundation of an intercultural big band, assembled with members of all participating ensembles.


At the festival’s final performance, the newly founded ensemble EAPOS – EurAsian Pool Of Sound, with approx. 20 musicians playing instruments from China, Japan, Korea, Uzbekistan, Europe and Vietnam, will premiere commissioned compositions by renowned composers, and lay the foundations for the further development of this special, cross-cultural music. A ‘turbulent’ premiere!

Tickets: Day ticket 26 €, concession 18 € | Festival ticket 60 €, concession 45 €

Turbulenzen – Festival für aktuelle interkulturelle Musik

Friday, 8th Decwember 2017 | Doors 18:00 CET | Starts 18:15 CET
Radialsystem V | Holzmarktstraße 33 | 10243 Berlin

turbulenzen.org | Event @ Facebook

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