“A TRUER REALITY” at Ausland / Saturday, 07.11.2015

Ausland presents the cross-genre presentation of the book „REALITY IS TRANSCRIBED, PUT INTO WORDS, BECOMES DISTORTED AND PART OF A NEW TRANSFORMED REALITY – Documents Pertaining to the Murder of Robert Risberg in Uddevalla 13/05/96“ by Ragnar Persson (artwork) & Pär Thörn (text). It involves a reading by the author Pär Thörn, the exhibition by Ragnar Persson and the concert by Vinyl Horror: „Dark Matters“.

After the concert, we’ll find Greta, Pär and Ragnar in a talk & discussion with moderator Peter Henning and the audience about the background, implications and perspectives of their musical, visual and literary works presented tonight. Party afterwards.

In the book “REALITY IS TRANSCRIBED…”, Thörn and Persson provide us with both a textual and visual report tracing back to a murder case in the Swedish Black Metal-scene of the 1990s. On May 13th 1996, Stefan Persson, member in the band Asmodeus SA, had – using a dagger – killed Robert Risberg of the band Satanic Red Storm in Uddevalla (Västra Götaland County).

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Fragmentary documents & artefacts pertaining to this murder from the time back then which Ragnar Persson and Pär Thörn have researched and compiled such as song lyrics, merchandise items, interrogation & interception protocols, concert promotion posters, newspaper articles, fanzine drawings, album reviews or private correspondences (…) make us delve into the world of the two hostile Black Metal-bands who are nowadays, unjustly, rather unknown, if not forgotten. Nevertheless culminating in a sad, harrowing murder, both Satanic Red Storm and Asmodeus SA have with their music and notions made important contributions to the history and strength and authenticity of Black Metal. These contributions and the exact circumstances of the crime are to be revealed tonight.

Pär Thörn presents the texts he’d compiled in a reading in English. For A TRUER REALITY, translations had specifically been drawed from the (Swedish original) documents in the book. Ragnar Persson’s documentary exhibition is (on)going throughout the night and also open again tomorrow, Sunday Nov 8th, from 15:00.
Because only few original music recordings from Asmodeus SA and Satanic Red Storm can be disintered, Greta Christensen aka Vinyl Horror did some research in the spheres & aesthetical contexts of the bands and will play one of her rare solo concerts using original Black Metal-vinyls in the specific turntable-setup she’d developed.

This event is presents by Digital in Berlin. Check out our Facebook page to win tickets.


Saturday, 07 November 2015 | doors 21:00 | start 21:30 CET
Ausland | Lychener Str. 60 | 10437 Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg

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