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Trigger & Jerome Noetinger at NK Projekt / Monday, 15.12.2014

In the concert series Trigger Plus the acoustic wind trio Trigger invites internationally renowned guest musicians working in the field of electro acoustic music. Together they explore the meeting of instrumental, acoustic generated music with analog and digital generated music.

The second edition of the series Trigger Plus will feature the french sound artist Jerome Noetinger, who is working in the tradition of the musique concrete, with a reel to reel tape recorder, using archived sound material, field recordings and live sound processing.


Jerome Noetinger was born 25th April 1966 (Marseille, France). He followed his musical training in electroacoustic music under the direction of Xavier Garcia in Grenoble (France) from 1986 to 1988. He works as a composer,improviser and sound artist with electroacoustic devices.

He is using electroacoustic devices such as the reel to reel tape recorder Revox A77 and magnetic tape, analogue synthesisers, mixing desks, speakers, microphones, various electronic household objects and home-made electronica. He is performing both solo and in ensembles, and collaborating often, and touring extensively internationally.


Trigger are Chris Heenan, Matthias Müller and Nils Ostendorf. Trigger works in the context of improvised music with the shaping of a homogeneous overall sound. The three instruments act as generators of noise and sound using advanced playing techniques such as circular breathing, split-tones, multiphonics and air sounds. The result is a complex, dense and driving music in long forms that is permanently changing and renewed.

Chris Heenan is an active composer/performer and curator of experimental music. He performs on a variety of reed instruments and analog synthesizer in contexts ranging from solo to large groups from ad hoc configurations to various ongoing collaborative projects, investigating new musical forms, noise, and improvisation. He has developed a formidable voice on his wind instruments, particularly with the contrabass clarinet where he uses extended techniques, often incorporating multiphonics with surprising results, to reveal the subtleties inherent to the instrument.


Matthias Müller moved to Berlin in 2004 and since has been regularly playing with internationally recognized improvisers such as John Edwards, Mark Sanders, Johannes Bauer, Olaf Rupp, Paul Lovens, Toshimaru Nakamura, Clayton Thomas, Axel Dörner, and many more.

He is a member of the 24-member improvising ensemble, Splitter Orchester, and was also a member of Albert Mangelsdorff’s German-French Jazzensemble. In addition, Müller is also active in the field of contemporary music and theater music, and released more than 20 CDs of his own projects.


Nils Ostendorf has developed a personal approach to playing the trumpet, inspired by natural sounds, experimental and electronic music. Recently, he has worked mainly in the field of improvised music, with the groups Trigger and The Silencers, and in duos with Michel Doneda and Kim Myhr.

He has toured throughout Europe, USA and Canada and has released numerous CDs. Ostendorf also works internationally as a composer, musical director, producer and live performer for theatre and dance productions, collaborating with directors Mikael Serre, Marius von Mayenburg, Yael Ronen and Thomas Ostermeier.

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Trigger & Jerome Noetinger

Monday, 15th December 2914 | 20:30 CET
NK Projekt | Elsenstr. 52 | 2.Hinterhaus Etage 2 | 12059 Berlin Neukölln

project-going-underground.com | nkprojekt.de


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