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TRASHFEST 8 at Monarch / 10 & 11.12.2016

It is with exorbitant gratification that we announce the most tasteful lineup in Trashfest’s tasteless history: Our EIGHTH installment reaches deep into the zeitgeist and squeezes the pus out of its psychedelic soul: A night of fierce fuzz that doesn’t imagine that world starts and ends with colonial history, and ascertains that true trash happened every time any culture tied a bootstring to a soundbox and started to yell’n holler.

This Trashfest, while a bit short on thee ol’ kunstlers, is the most incredible lineup we have ever been able to assemble:

Elektro Hafiz is a musician, born and raised in Istanbul, who has recently moved to Cologne, Germany. Already well known in Turkey, he can look back on 20 years as a professional musician. With his former band ‘Fairuz Derin Bulut’ he created and released three albums, which represent a milestone in the Anatolian psychedelic rock music of the 2nd generation in Turkey. Elektro Hafiz has shown and proven openness to various and sometimes contradicting music by mixing eastern instruments like the saz, darbuka and finger cymbals with different genres. His diverse compositions are heavily influenced by his Anatolian roots, which are reflected in his instrument of choice, the electric saz, in most of his pieces.

After blowing people away at this year’s Fusion festival, Mediterranean/Middle Eastern Psych freakazoids Kool Tur (featuring members of Cherry Bandora) will bring their explosive electric bozouki-driven show to the Monarch stage, proving you can most definitely shake your ass to fuzzed-outMajor Locrian scale jams in 7/4!


The power of DJ Fitz goes beyond just being able to spin. Mixing the most bouncy with the most melodic, the rough with the smooth, it’s impossible not to be taken aback by this eclectic mix of styles and beats. This is the kind of music you can’t help to dance to, even if you’ve never heard anything like it before. See to believe. DJ Fitz knows more about music than you do. It’s cool dude. No big deal. If a Turkish disco diva, a Nigerian record producer, and a Brazilian cabaret dancer all got together circa 1976, Fitz would be playing their party. And he’ll play yours, too.


w/ Elektro Hafiz, Kool Tur, & DJ Fitz

Saturday, 10th December – Sunday, 11th December 2016 | 20:30 CET
Monarch | Skalitzer Str. 134 | 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg

monarch.de | Event @ Facebook

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