D/B Recommended: To Rococo Rot @ HAU2 Berlin | Friday, 28.12.2012

Following the recent rerelease of their early albums on City Slang, the Berlin-Düsseldorf post-rock/electronica trio make a special festive concert in Berlin on the last Friday of 2012.
To Rococo Rot, the trio of Stefan Schneider and brothers Robert and Ronald Lippok, arrived just over a decade ago at the point where digital precision and instrumental abstraction were opening up new directions in contemporary music.

They have always been an innovative band, existing somewhere on the musical verge between electronica and postrock. But their new album “Speculation” is one of their warmest sounding records to date and confirms their status as pioneers of the electro-acoustic crossover. Even now, a good ten years later, the members sometimes refer to the music they make together as ‘a project’, as if rooting it all down in something more permanent could affect their forward motion.

To Rococo Rot / Speculation / Short Film
A special visual insight into the making of the album, including footage of new songs recorded at Scheer with Jochen Irmler from Faust.

To Rococo Rot have in the past kept things interesting through collaborations with artists like D (Darryl Moore), I-Sound (a New York DJ), Alexander Balanescu, The Pastels and St. Etienne, and with the music each of them makes outside the group, in Tarwater (Roland Lippok), Mapstation (Stefan Schneider), Robert Lippok’s collaboration with Barbara Morgenstern for instance. But their strength is really their own relationship, in the way that their unique group plays together; in its physicality and the intuitive ways the members adapt to each others playing.

Their early albums, Veiculo and The Amateur View, spoke in the future imperfect tense, highly complex but concentrated sound happenings and have recently been remastered and rereleased on the City Slang label.

To Rococo Rot  LIVE

Friday, 28 December 2012 | 21:00 CET
HAU2 | Hallesches Ufer 32 | 10963 Berlin/Kreuzberg