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TisDass at Acud Macht Neu / Thursday, 27.11.2014

TisDass is the Tamasheq word for the wooden stakes that support traditional Touareg tents. It’s also the name of a band hailing from Niamey, Niger formed around Kildjate Moussa Albade, former bassist of the Touareg band Bombino.

Not unlike Tinariwen and other musicians from Northern Mali and Niger, they play what’s often referred to as “desert blues”, for its shifting rhythms and blues-friendly scales.


The four members of TisDass grew up together roaming the Sahara as members of a nomadic tribe. From an early age, brothers Kildjate and Sidi could be heard making their guitars weep across the desert, while Ousmane “Boube” Emoud kept time on the calabash and Mohamed grooved along.

Since starting out back then, this unique group of musicians have brought influences from far and wide to their music.


Kildjate toured for two years with another band, scooping rhythms and styles from Southern Mississippi-blues, reggae, rock and funk.

The fruits of that fusion, together with the traditional Touareg desert blues in the hands of these seasoned brothers, are both innovative and captivating.


Thursday, 27th November 2014 | 21:00 CET
Acud Macht Neu | veteranenstr. 21 | 10119 Berlin

tisdass.weebly.com | acudmachtneu.de


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