Tigris feat. Gelbart + The Germans from Germany at Neue Heimat / Thursday, 18.06.2015

Tigris is a band of unrestrained musicians with no boarders. The band pulls the East and West African music into a new and surprising musical center. Crazy grooves, special combination of instruments, addictive melodies, and the virtuosity of each band member – puts Tigris in a new territory on the original African music map that covers the world.

Tigris’s music is described by a psychedelic sound, traditional and modern feel, and the different musical background of each band member which ultimately produces the unique sound of a new tribe, that has just been discovered deep in the jungles of the universe.


Tigris sublimely mix space age jazz and the excitement of Ethiopian jazz and Somalian synth-pop from East Africa with the more hypnotic and driving percussion rhythms of West Africa and motives influenced by the raw sounds from Nigeria and Ghana in the 60s.

Forming a perfect synthesis of all these disciplines through stunning musicianship and well crafted songs, Tigris create a mood of psychedelic afrotropicalia, vivid, dreamy dance scenes and incredibly infectious killer grooves.


Opening the night will be The Germans from Germany, a wildly comical yet cool lackadaisical pop band, which Jimmy Trash famously described as “Yacht-Rock-Disco”.

Tigris feat. Gelbart + The Germans from Germany

Thursday, 18th June 2015 | 21:00 CET
Neue Heimat | Realer Strasse 99 (Ecke Dirschauer Strasse) | 10245 Berlin

tigrisband.com | neueheimat.com

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