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D/B Recommended: Thomas Meinecke sings Thomas Meinecke @ Edition Suhrkamp in Berlin | Friday 23.07.2010

Besides his activities as frontman of the cult German band F.S.K., Thomas Meinecke is also known as an author and Disk Jockey. Many of his books have appeared on Edition Suhrkamp where he will give a presentation this weekend.

[audio:03-Kinski Jones.mp3] Billed this time as a an a capella recitital rather than a reading, one might be unsure what to expect from Thomas Meinecke sings Thomas Meinecke. The musician will give a DJ set too the next day where fine records are guaranteed.

Thomas Meinecke was born in Hamburg, Germany, and lives south of Munich in pre-alpine rural Bavaria. He is a novelist, a musician, and a DJ. Thomas has been publishing books on Suhrkamp since 1986. The newest one being “Jungfrau”, released 2008.

F.S.K. | Nokturn

Thomas has been recording with his Munich-based band F.S.K. since 1980 in Germany, England, and the U.S.A. From the mid 1980’s until the very evening before John Peel’s funeral F.S.K. have recorded more John Peel BBC 1 Sessions than any other non-British band.

They have been touring Europe and the U.S.A. since the 1980’s. Starting as an art school band on Hamburg’s ZickZack label, the group later branched out into club music and recorded for Munich’s Disko B Records from 1996 on. In 2004 they produced the much-acclaimed album “First Take then Shake – The F.S.K. Band meets Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir in the Studio” with Anthony Shakir flying in from Detroit.

In 2008 F.S.K. signed with Hamburg-based and Daniel Richter-owned Buback Records. Germany’s renowned music magazine Spex voted F.S.K.’s “Nokturn” as Best Song of the Year 2008.

Thomas Meinecke ist ein deutscher Musiker, Autor und DJ. 1977 ging der in Hamburg aufgewachsene Meinecke zum Studium der Theaterwissenschaft, Neueren Deutschen Literatur und Kommunikationswissenschaft an die München. In seiner Magisterarbeit befasste er sich 1982 mit Karl Philipp Moritz.

1978 gründete er mit Kommilitonen die Literaturzeitschrift Mode und Verzweiflung. 1980 entstand daraus die Band F.S.K. (Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle), die bis heute in fast gleicher Besetzung aktiv ist.

Thomas Meinecke sings Thomas Meinecke
Friday 23rd July 2010 | 20:00 CET | FOR FREE

Suhrkamp Shop | Linienstrasse 127 | 10115 Berlin