Thomas Brinkmann at Berghain Säule / Thursday, 12.10.2017

Thomas Brinkmann is renowned for audio works that hover among forms such as techno, minimalism, and ambient. Alongside such pioneering works as Klick (2000), Studio 1 – Variationen (1997), and 2012’s duo with Oren Ambarchi, The Mortimer Trap (BT 006CD), with his recent work, Brinkmann has moved further to separate his art, not only from descriptive musical terms that oppress creative output, but also from the notion of an author in the act of creation.

On the occasion of a five-disc Thomas Brinkmann retrospective via Third Ear, Berghain’s new Säule dancefloor welcomes friends and colleagues for a minimal-tech – we’re talking about the real thing here – night of maximum pleasure. Brinkmann will perform live, with Ricardo Villalobos playing a warm-up DJ set. Also on the bill are Jackmaster, Nicola Bonandrini and Alex Downey.

Thomas Brinkmann LIVE, Alex Downey, Jackmaster, Nicola Bonandrini, Ricardo Villalobos DJ

Thursday, 12th October 2017 | 21:00 CET
Berghain Säule | 70 Am Wriezener Bahnhof | 10243 Berlin

Facebook event | Berghain

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