The Sunday Matinée No. 30 at Internet Explorer / Sunday, 08.07.2018

The 30th edition of the Matinée! Check out some cool bands and stuff yourself with vegan tacos from Los Nopales – Taquería Vegana. There’ll be some really exciting sets by three top Berlin acts, with DJ SuperCHERI spinning in between.

In no particular order:

Since the spring of 2018, glitterandash has been repurposing feminine household objects into tools of sonic DEATH. Using a pumice stone, a nail file, her own vibrator, and a secret weapon, glitterandash makes atmospheric and rhythmic skullscapes of sound with an electric guitar and effects.

Hit Gib is here for you! A tailor-made talisman reveling in easy innuendos, loquacious and spacious in its demands. Sick trips and time spent in lecherous congress, the focal point being a neurotic tightrope walk between the nothing chamber and the innocent air carved out of negative space.

Lake Felix started as one-woman psych-rock project that recently expanded to the duo format: guitar/drum. It deploys rhythm guitar loops and angular guitar riffs interlocked with pounding drums juxtaposed to jazz syncopations. The songs are difficult to pin down, but to give an idea think of intensively delivered psych-blues ballads colored by electronics, field recording, alien sounds, beats, and haunting voice-scapes. Yet, that’s not it. Have a look here:

XB Sunday Matinee is a series of monthly events on every second Sunday of the month, dedicated to music lovers and music nerds alike. It takes place in the afternoon from 4-7pm. 

The Matinee showcases local bands, offering music enthusiasts an open, supportive, and respectful environment in which to play. It encourages people that do ‘zines or handcrafts (or anyone with something to share) to come along. Children of all ages are also welcome. The Matinee’s only real requirement is respect for all others while in attendance.

The Sunday Matinée #30

Sunday 13th May 2018 | Doors 16:00 CET | Starts 16:30 CET
Internet Explorer | Ziegrastr. 11 | 12047 Berlin-Neukölln

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