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The Room of Eyes: Violence w/ Kasia Justka, Method Chaining, Dirge + HTW at Koenig Otto Berlin / Saturday, 19.05.2018

The room of eyes is a new performance platform questioning how we listen. When is music performance art and when is performance art music? We are interested in liveness, the performer and questioning the music industry as well as the consumption of music during this hyperactive epoch we find ourselves in.

Kasia Justka is an independent multimedia artist and live performer. Creating audio-visual performances, interactive installations, videos, music and objects. Experimenting with physical aspects of the signal; sound, image, light. Manipulating its waveform and digging into its aesthetic and educational potential. Composing initial chaos into synchronized, narrative form during tense, cinematic, absolute actions based on her own emotions and feelings.

Dirge is the ambient/drone project by D/B editor Dirk Markham. For The Room of Eye’s Dirge will again team up with Erfurt based video artist Hypertrashwonderland aka Marcus Gysczock who will provide the live stop motion visual aspect to their performance The Karmic Laws.

How do we slow down, excite, seduce and observe the observer? What is the role of the listener and what do we owe to the performer? What is the role of the musician as artist and performer today? How do we create immersive total sound?

method chaining is getting lost in abstract soundscapes to the beat of a steady drum and hypnotic percussions. slowly evolving between a driving bass and a faraway melody.

Do we listen through our eyes our ears or our senses? The Room of Eyes will create a monthly public ritual to transform its audience in the sonic Cathedral that is Konig Otto. Both at once a sacred and profane space you are invited to hear new narratives told through sounds and visions.

Kasia Justka, Method Chaining, Dirge + Hypertrashwonderland LIVE

Saturday 19th March 2018 | Doors 19:00 Start 20:00
König Otto | Am Südhaus 3 | 12053 Berlin-Neukölln

Image credit: Alice Colley

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