D/B Recommended: The Low Frequency In Stereo @ Privatclub Berlin | Thursday, 07.11.2013

Following the release of their excellent new album Pop Obskura Norwegian post-pop rockers The Low Frequency In Stereo come to Berlin in Novermber for an intimate gig at Privatclub in Kreuzberg.
D/B Recommended: The Low Frequency In Stereo @ Privatclub Berlin | Thursday, 07.11.2013
While previous recordings have had a more post-rock feel to them the new material is reminiscent retro- futurist outfits such as Stereolab or Broadcast. With local support from Van Urst this is sure  to be a fine show.

Praised by the likes of David Fricke (Rolling Stone Magazine) and Michael Stipe (R.E.M) The Low Frequency In Stereo follow up their artistic triumph of the last album Futuro. The fifth incarnation of the band manifests the second consecutive collaboration with Norwegian producer Jørgen Træen (Motorpsycho, Jaga Jazzist, Kaizers Orchestra).

The Low Frequency In Stereo  | Starstruck

The band has set out to create a timeless, song- and vocals oriented artpop-album for a seasoned audience. Let’s say compost rock meeting 60′s cellar decadence. All in all it shows a cooler and subtler approach than the noisier venture of its predecessors, invoking associations to Broadcast, Yo La Tengo, Electreland and Stereolab. References nonwithstanding, however, the tracks are of course all wrapped in the unique and easily identifiable soundscape guise that is and has always been The Low Frequency in Stereo.

The Low Frequency In Stereo

Founded in 2001 in Haugesund on the westcoast of Norway the band has been called the band with one foot in Pompeii and one in space. They have developed from being a searching instrumental lo-fi-post-rock band that Pitchfork dubbed ”Psych-Garage Dronemeisters” to a fullblown, focused and fresh sounding rock ensemble with great songs and a mix of dark atmospheres and catchy choruses.

The Low Frequency In Stereo  LIVE

Thursday, 7 November 2013 | 20:00 CET
Privatclub | Skalitzer Str. 85-86 | 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

privatclub-berlin.de | http://download.lowfrequencyinstereo.com/