The Cakekitchen + Neta Polturak at ausland / Sunday, 21.04.2019

Graeme Jefferies (vocals, guitar, piano, viola) is a cult icon in New Zealand, and his band The Cakekitchen helped to solidify his high-ranking status in the country’s underground scene. After the breakup of This Kind of Punishment, Jefferies formed The Cakekitchen in the late ’80s. Taking their name from Jefferies’ 1988 solo LP “Messages for the Cakekitchen”, The Cakekitchen is basically a revolving set of musicians, all of whom are led by Jefferies. Expressing the similarly gloomy Velvet Underground-styled narratives and post-punk raggedness of Jefferies’ previous groups, The Cakekitchen released their first album, “Time Flowing Backwards”, in 1991.

“Neta Polturak is one of the most promising young talents to come out of Tel Aviv’s eclectic music scene. Walking the blurry line between dark experimental and melodic pop, Neta’s tunes are both atmospheric and immensely powerful, supported by a mesmerizing and chillingly beautiful androgynous stage presence. A solo artist now based in Berlin, Neta’s incendiary combination of Rowland S. Howard darkness and the raw power of PJ Harvey has already garnered her a dedicated and ever growing fanbase around the world.” Patrick McCumiskey

The Cakekitchen + Neta Polturak live

Sunday, 21st April 2019 | Doors 20:00 CET | Starts 21:00 CET
ausland | Lychener Straße 60 | 10437 Berlin

ausland Berlin | The Cakekitchen | Neta Polturak | Event @ Facebook

Photo © The Cakekitchen / Neta Polturak

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