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Thalia Zedek Band & Rosalie Middleman @ Ausland Berlin | Wednesday, 05.03.2014

Thrill Jockey recording artist Thalia Zedek live and the 15th Anniversary of Berlin concert promoter par excellence, AmStart: what an evening! 2013 was a notable year for Thalia Zedek. She released her first album in five years, Via, which PopMatters called a “rumbling, sweet, muscled set of tunes, as resilient as they are beautiful,” which was followed by a tour across North America with Low. She also reunited with Come, the classic band she formed with Chris Brokaw in 1990, reissuing their classic debut Eleven:Eleven and playing their first shows in over a decade across the US and Europe.

In October, following this intense flurry of activity, Thalia regrouped with her band in Boston to record an EP, harnessing the creative energy she had accumulated during her time on the road.

Thalia Zedek | Go Home

The resulting SIX opens with a full-band version of “Fell So Hard,” a characteristically mournful dirge that exudes a tenacious, slow-moving intensity. From there, Zedek explores the complexities of interpersonal relationships, employing some of the most sparse arrangements of her career. The spareness of tracks like “Julie Said” and “Afloat” achieve incredible emotional heft, letting Thalia’s lyrics, delivered in her unmistakable voice, take center stage. Alongside this new material is a cover of Freakwater’s “Flathand,” which was originally released on the Plum 7” box set in 2007.

Thalia Zedek | Winning Hand

After years of performing and singing free-form in the Philadelphia based group Blood Like Mine, and working on her solo pop project, Zillions, Rosalie Middleman will play some Vocal heavy & guitar – Songs about love and loss, mind-traps and visions from the world around.

On top of these two great live shows, the event is special as it marks the 15th Anniversary of one of Berlin’s finest concert organizers and promoters. Congratulations to AmStart and thanks for the music!

Thalia Zedek Band & Rosalie Middleman
Presented by AmStart & Ausland

Wednesday, 5th March 2014 | 20:00 CET
ausland | Lychener Str. 60 | 10437 Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg

www.ausland-berlin.de | facebook | thrilljockey.com

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