T.A.T.V at ausland / Wednesday, 22.7.2020

aulsand presents a 3 days constant streaming experiment: “When the crisis of human relationships shattered the unitary web of mythical communication, the attack on language took on a revolutionary air.” Raoul Vaneigem

Leaving format dogmas and time constraints behind T.A.T.V. is an autonomous zone to test drive a micro republic of experimental performance practices, a T.V. station touching its limits of control.
 Temporary Autonomous Television (T.A.T.V.) is a 3 day constant stream. Rendering absurd profitableness and commodification of art as an easy consumable product in our optimized lifestyles is one of the objectives of this undertaking.

Artists: Rieko Okuda, Hopek Quirin & Samin, Botborg, AAA Collective, Lisa Müller-Trede, Seiji Morimoto, Agente Costura, Sofia Salvo and Lea Walloschke.


22.7.2020 | Doors 00:00 CET | Starts 00:00 CET
ausland | Online links for streaming tba

https://ausland.berlin/tatv | Event @ Facebook

A project by Kris Limbach

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