Picture: Tara Clerkin Trio by Cloé Brunerie
Picture: Tara Clerkin Trio by Cloé Brunerie

Tara Clerkin Trio + Alpha Maid + Kulku + Alexa D!saster at 90mil / Saturday, 17.2.2024

Tara Clerkin Trio are Pat Benjamin, Sunny Joe Paradisos and Tara Clerkin, three musicians involved in a number of cult Bristol bands over the years before confidently settling down in triangle formation. They are inspired by and borrow from jazz, trip hop, electronica, psychedelia & minimalism, twirling the non-pretentious strands of these threads together into a trippy green winged-cloak, adorning Arthur Russell and dripping in blue jam.

Alpha Maid is a guitarist, vocalist, and producer from South London whose compositions form lines between avant-garde and pop. She draws largely from her grunge inflected guitar style, and lo-fi glitch and noise audio sample electronics – this combined with her potent yet controlled delivery of vocal hooks and collages is developing Alpha Maid as a renowned figure within London’s experimental music scene.

Kulku embodies an exhilarating Happening, a profound ceremony of raw music. Organic, driven, grounded yet floating. Kulku was founded by Johanna Riska and Andreas Risk. The roots of their music grew out of influences from early minimal music, ritual music and art rock legends of the 60s. The band is characterized by a sound whose raw material is made up of Orff instruments. Kulku calls their music No Age, a mix of un-kitsch spirituality and the raw energy of punk/no wave.

Alexa D!saster is a DJ, musician and crossover artist based in Berlin. She’s a sound explorer and record collector. Her obscure-exotic dj-sets are often based on underground dance music and will take you on a sonic journey. She’s spinning her records in Berlin’s subculture spots, in clubs on festivals and elsewhere in Germany and Europe.

Tara Clerkin Trio, Alpha Maid, Kulku and Alexa D!saster

17.2.2024 | Doors 19:00 / Starts 21:00 CET
90mil | An der Michaelbrücke in 10243 Berlin

instagram.com/colectivo_salo | Tickets | 90mil

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