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Swans + Baby Dee at Berghain / 26+27. October 2017

Swans are an experimental rock band formed in 1982 by Michael Gira. Initially part of the no wave scene, Swans have, through various iterations, contributed to the development of noise rock, post-punk, industrial, post-rock and more.

Following the announcement of May 2017 dates in London and Manchester, Swans have confirmed details of European tour in spring 2017 in support of their latest album, The Glowing Man. Swans, who recently completed their European 2016 dates with special guest Anna von Hausswolff, have announced details of a spring tour through Europe in 2017.

Starting in Athens on 3 March the tour continues through Greece, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Slovakia, Latvia, Ukraine, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Germany and Belgium before returning to the Netherlands for a performance in Amsterdam on 31 March.


“The final Swans tour (for this exuberant and heroic iteration of the band) is in its final stages. Of particular interest to me personally are the FINAL 3 SHOWS (AT WARSAW, IN BROOKLYN), since they take place in NYC, the womb wherein Swans was initially gestated. There will be no other East Coast shows surrounding this last stand, and this is it. Finished. I’m pleased here to announce the august and daunting artists that will accompany us on each of these three nights.” Michael Gira

One of the industry’s most flamboyant musical discoveries of the last decade, Baby Dee is an enchanting song writer, classically trained harpist, circus sideshow veteran, and transgender street legend. Her infectious cackle and extraordinary talent on piano, harp and accordion has caught her many musical admirers including Will Oldham, Matt Sweeney, Maxim Moston, and Andrew WK, all of whom have produced unique and magnificent albums for her. Her newest release – I Am A Stick – is out on Tin Angel Records.

Swans + Baby Dee LIVE

26+27. October 2017
Berghain | Am Wriezener Bahnhof in 10243 Berlin/Friedrichshain

younggodrecords.com | http://berghain.de

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