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SURfF music festival at Petersburger Art Space / 21.-26.01.2019

Zur Schönen Aussicht (ZSA) celebrate their 10th birthday with Subwater Beats, Jazzkollektiv Berlin, Future Bash Series, KIM Collective, Free Movements London & many more at Petersburger Art Space in Berlin.

Postcontemporary Jazz/Subwater Beats Band „Zur Schönen Aussicht“ (ZSA) with composer/guitarist Joachim Wespel, Paul Berberich (saxophone) and Florian Lauer (drums) are all about discovering new grounds not only within the realm of Jazzmusic but also including exceptional concepts involving audience interaction, locations and interdisciplinary cooperations. From 21st to 26th Janauary 2019 Zur Schönen Aussicht will share each nights line up with 2+ bands, special guests and surprise interventions as well as socio-political presentations located at up-and-coming Petersburg Art Space in Berlin-Moabit.

Cooperation and exchange are key to the makers of the festival. SURfF features various collectives such as KIM Collective, Jazzkollektiv Berlin, Future Bash Series, Free Movements London and Subwater Beats Kollektiv. The festival provides an outlook to the question: How does non mainstream music today and in the future function afar from aged business-, venue- and audience-structures?

An open-minded, diverse, interdisciplinary and entertaining yet challenging program, including space for philosophical and political contemplation, paired with an extraordinary interior in a club atmosphere make for the sought-after sideeffect of attracting and fascinating a younger audience. Having organized several alike, successful festivals in the past, ZSA are among the forefront of reinventing options to thrive in a business subject to fundamental changes.

In addition to music acts the SURfF festival will feature object theatre, dance performances, surprise flash mobs, live visuals, presentations on xenofeminism, democracy, philosophy, art installations and unique stage design.

For the thrilling final Saturday night subculture collective „Subwater Beats“ will join and deliver fresh, outstanding, handmade beat- and dancemusic. Subwaters goal is to combine club nights with post-avantgarde and cooperative philosophies. An awareness-team will support a fair and reflected atmosphere for all guests.

Because of positive experiences from past years thanks to a beautiful network of friends and colleagues and with the help of funding, Zur Schönen Aussicht can confidently look forward to a post-contemporary, selforganized foundation for a future that makes challenges turn into possibilities.

SURfF – interdisciplinary and postcontemporary music festival with freshness

21.-26.01.2019 | Doors Monday-Thursday: 19.30 | Friday+Saturday: 20.30
Start Monday-Thursday: 20.15 | Friday+Saturday: 21:15

Petersburger Art Space | Kaiserin – Augusta – Allee 101 / HH Aufgang ll | 10553 Berlin-Moabit

http://subwaterbeats.de/surff/ | Event @ Facebook

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