Supreme Cuts @ Berghain Kantine Berlin | Saturday, 22.02.2014

Supreme Cuts — Mike Perry & Austin Keultjes — are scholars of every genre they borrow from. Leaning heavily on the ideals and aesthetics of modern rap and its sub-genres, especially Footwork, they cast a wide net into the sub-bass heavy recesses of DatPiff and YouTube and skim the cream from the top. The resulting downtempo beat-compositions are buoyant, urgent, vicious things, yet they remain foetid with all the funk of a Bangladesh beat turned-velour and then screwed into oblivion.

Supreme Cuts & Haleek Maul | M00N

Obsessives about the ghetto house of DJ Funk and the angular work of Philip Glass, Perry & Keultjes produce a gripping future music of lilting polyrhythms and narrative complexity that is impossible to peel the film of THC and sweat from. Supreme Cuts’ collaborations with Main Attrakionz, How to Dress Well, Wise Blood, Haleek Maul, Holy Other and more have contributed to a growing reputation, rapport and cred in the indie world, but usurping those who currently occupy the beatmaking throne is their end-goal. On Whispers in the Dark they plumb the depths of their influences and slowly exhale a wisely-chosen reconstitution of all that has been great about electronic music for the past 40 years.

Today the lid done came off. Supreme Cuts boys peeled the veil from their forthcoming Mishka mixtape by premiering “Gully”, the first of many cuts that will implode your eardrums in the next few weeks. Almost all of these squalid bangers feature Haleek Maul, a newly signed Merok Records rapper and 15 year old Chicago cutty boy about town. As a die hard East Coaster and Philly boy at-core, I must say I never saw it coming. As footwork is borne furiously into the back catalogs of radio rap, and Chicago’s young beatmakers breathe new life into Juke and Ghetto House, Chicago is becoming the epicenter of all things rap. Chief Keef is rising fast, and for good reason. Here’s to you Chicago, you beautiful deep-dish bitch. You done outdid yaself.

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Supreme Cuts  LIVE

Saturday, 22 February | 20:00 CET
Kantine am Berghain | Am Wriezener Bahnhof | 10243 Berlin/Friedrichshain | |

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