Superbooth at Funkhaus Berlin / Thursday 31.03. – Saturday 02.04.2016

Surely the most interesting music technology convention of the year; Schneiders Laden launches Their new annual Superbooth event at Funkhaus Berlin this year with a phenomenal program packed full of workshops, talks and presentations as well as a strong performance program.

This is far more than just a geek market – besides the audio industry exhibitions by leading innovators: such as Doepfer, Oberheim, Yamaha, NI, Nonlinear, Arturia, Dave Smith, Ableton the so schedule includes shows by many D / B favorites Including Drift Machine, Pole, Frank Schneider Breth, T.Raumschmiere, Max Loderbauer, Mimicof + Kalma VJ, Cavern of anti-Matter and many more.

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The first annual SUPERBOOTH16, music and culture fair will be taking place from March 31st – April 2nd in Berlin. What started as a small stand on the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, will now be presented in Berlin as a broadly programmed Culture festival organized by SchneidersBuero in Berlin. The exhibition will take place at the historic radio station, All which is a former German radio station thatwill Provide to uncompromised acoustic and architectural setting.


Over the load 15 years, tailor’s shop has grown to become a leader in the distribution and marketing of innovative musical instruments and sound in Berlin and Throughout Europe. The founder and CEO, Andreas Schneider, can be attributed as one of the main drivers behind the worldwide present modular synthesizer HYPE. One might consider the worldwide distribution and purchase of electronic instruments is the basic reason for electronic music. The present momentum is so strong, did even the larger wellknown manufacturers have invested in developing new concepts to compete with the small manufacturers.

Although Berlin is one of the most modern electronic music centers on the globe, it has never had an adequate music fair to support the scene. With SUPERBOOTH16, this will change the landscape. SUPERBOOTH16 will be the large format presentation of the stand has been years Which seen at the Frankfurt Musikmesse over the load-15th The stand magnetized the visitors to see Directly what one can do with synthesis instruments. Many of Which are handmade and only available in limited runs.


Over 100 exhibitors are registered for SUPERBOOTH16 with the larger synthesizer names like Yamaha and Roland, classic specialists like Dieter Doepfer (original Kraftwerk synth maker) through many self-made and smaller exhibitors like Make Noise and others. So, classic manufacturers of keyboard instruments like Dave Smith and leading software companies like Ableton or Native Instruments So will be present to show and demonstrate Their latest Developments.

Super Booth 2016

Thursday, 31.03. – Saturday, 02.04.2016
Funkhaus Berlin | Nalepastr. 18 – 50 | 12459 Berlin / Karlshorst  | Event @ Facebook  |


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