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The Sunday Matinée No. 36 at Köpi / Sunday, 13.01.2019

The Sunday Matinée crew welcomes you to Matinée #36 — the first one of 2019, and this time at Köpi!
The matinee will take place at Peliculoso, the cinema screen at Køpi. This month features the following musical and performance acts:

Ursonate (performance piece from Kurt Schwitters vs Flaviu Tilinca & Notorische Ruhestörung)

+ Sleem (alternative fuzz rock, Berlin)

+ Semiotic Primate (Prophetic Noise, Post Digital No Wave, Berlin)

And of course, before/after each performance, Taqueria Vegana for your Sunday appetite.

XB Sunday Matinee is a series of monthly events on every second Sunday of the month, dedicated to music lovers and music nerds alike. It takes place in the afternoon from 4-7pm.

The Matinee showcases local bands, offering music enthusiasts an open, supportive, and respectful environment in which to play. It encourages people that do ‘zines or handcrafts (or anyone with something to share) to come along. Children of all ages are also welcome. The Matinee’s only real requirement is respect for all others while in attendance.

(Photo credit: Davide Maione)

Sunday Matinée No. 36

Sunday, 13th January 2019 | Doors 16:00 CET | Starts 16:30 CET
Peliculoso @ Köpi | Köpenicker Str. 137 | 10179 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Sunday Matinée @ tumblr | Matinée newsletter

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