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The Sunday Matinee, No. 28 at internetexplorer / Sunday, 13.05.2018

>>> The Sunday Matinee is back. <<<

Following the eviction from XB Liebig on November 2017, the matinee had to find a new home. This took some time, but we’re very happy to announce the beginning of a new season of monthly events at the beloved Internet Explorer in Neukölln.

Throughout the last two years, they have hosted many local and touring bands, including: Razor Cunts, Xantene, nunofyrbeeswax, Highest Sea, Apostrophe, Adventure Team, M.i.p.V, Tatsumi Ryusui, Mung, DuChamp, Agente Costura, Kovacs/O’Doherty, Roman Catholics, Madame Merde, Gran, Party Fears, Vagittarius Rising, Skiing, Nearest Gas Station, Zweiundzwangig Zwillinge, Shipwreck Rats, I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream,  Instant Voodoo, Indiscreet Jewels, Pink Speed, Schnick Schnack…etc.

It starts again on Sunday May 13th, with a killer line-up:

ToPdoWn is power–rock–trio based between Portland (US) and Berlin. Top Down started 2015 in Portland, as an international trio with band members from the US, New Zealand + Germany. Shortly after, mighty Fred Cole of Dead Moon home-recorded and produced the band’s first musical outcome that eventually turned into a 7″ released by Voodoo Doughnut Recordings in May 2016. The complete 2015 recording session (6 songs) is available on tape on No Chance records.

In March 2016 Berlin based artist Jay Gard joined the band for a couple of live shows in Berlin & Leipzig and the band’s first US tour in the Pacific Northwest. Throughout February 2017 Top Down was honoured to support Fred & Toody Cole of Dead Moon during their European Tour took them to Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. In 2017 Voodoo Doughnut Recordings released Top Down’s debut album ‘Rough Roads’.

They recently relocated to our city, for god knows how long. To celebrate this occasion, they had their first Berlin recording session recently released on Flexi-Postcard. Cool format, huh? Check out their new single, ‘Let’s Do It!’ here:

Currently based in Berlin, Aemong is comprised of members Henrique Uba and Yu-Ching Huang — from Brazil and Taiwan, respectively. The amalgamation of their shared backgrounds, influences, and sonic identities encompass exactly what Diskotopia has been about from day one: the juxtaposition of cultures, sounds and ideas to forge exciting new paths.

Influenced by no-wave, noise rock, and legendary bands such as Fugazi + Big Black, Aemong had set out to build a denser sound with their latest album ‘1000’ than with what they had done on their previously released material. The tracks comprising ‘1000’ distill elements of new wave, dub, industrial, and pop which are then meticulously siphoned into off-kilter compositions with mesmerizing effects. Unabashedly psychedelic, playful yet executed with deadly precision, Aemong have delivered a truly resounding body of work. Check out the album here:

Naked Straight Edgers on Coke is the enthusiastic duo project of two of the most bored musicians in Berlin. Mixing together punk attitude, jazzy stuff, noisy distortions, and odd time signatures, they will make you shout, laugh, and indeed cry. They are rarely naked (but we wish they would be in this occasion), not Xstraight-edgeX at all, and for legal reasons not on coke nor speed.


XB Sunday Matinee is a series of monthly events on every second Sunday of the month, dedicated to music lovers and music nerds alike. It takes place in the afternoon from 4-7pm. 

The Matinee showcases local bands, offering music enthusiasts an open, supportive, and respectful environment in which to play. It encourages people that do ‘zines or handcrafts (or anyone with something to share) to come along. Children of all ages are also welcome. The Matinee’s only real requirement is respect for all others while in attendance.


The Sunday Matinee, No. 28 w/ Top Down + Aemong + Naked Straight Edgers On Coke

Sunday 13th May 2018 | Starts 16:00 CET
internetexplorer | Ziegrastr. 11 | 12047 Berlin-Neukölln
Event @ Facebook | Matinee mailing list | Matinee blog

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