STUFF. is a 5 piece live band that brings a cross genre groove, spanning from broken hip-hop to more electronic and jazz influenced future funk. They defy easy categorisation. Writing for Jazz Standard, Tina Edward said ‘If an energy drink could make music, it would sound like STUFF.’, a description that does more to describe their sound than established genre tags. Utilising lesser-used instruments like the wind synth, alongside the familiar array of drums and electric bass, synthesizers and turntables, they’re able scatter rhythms, melodies and electronic effects across their canvas with a Pollock-like abandon, creating music that while heavy in groove has great depth and intrigue. STUFF. play Gondwana Records’ 10th anniversary show on Saturday, 3rd November 2018 at Säälchen.


1: One nation under a groove.

2: Belgium should have won the world cup.

3: is the magic number.


1. What is the biggest inspiration for your music?
We, as a band, like to be influenced by a wide variety of musical styles from around the globe,
both modern and classic. There is something beautiful to be discovered in everything, you just need to look for it.

2. How and when did you get into making music?
Hard to say, it think that would be a different answer for every band member, since we differ in age quite a bit. It’s fair to say we were all passionate about music since we were kids, and a career in music must have been a dream to all of us.

3. What are 5 of your favourite albums of all time?
Impossible to answer this one. There are just too many to chose from, and in my personal opinion there is no point in grading music, some people like apples, others prefer oranges.

4. What do you associate with Berlin?
Berlin is definitely a beautiful city, with a vibrant nightlife/music scene, you could say it is one of Europe’s cultural capitals. Berlin is more alternative than most big cities in Europe, which makes it more enjoyable and interesting for young people with a smaller budget than let’s say London or Paris. We love playing in Berlin!

5. What’s your favourite place in your town?
Part of the band is from Antwerp, the others are from Ghent. The band originated in a bar called ‘White Cat’ in Ghent, which could be an answer to your question, for that reason.

6. If there was no music in the world, what would you do instead?
We would build a spaceship in order to discover the universe, searching for a planet that does have music on it, I guess…

7. What was the last record/music you bought?
Once again, this could be a completely different answer for every member. For me personally it’s ‘Kime Ne’ from ‘Insalar’.

8. Who would you most like to collaborate with?
Jimi Hendrix, if that would mean we could bring him back to life. But Miles, Zappa, Jaco, Coltrane or James would be just as good. Let’s bring them all back!

9. What was your best gig (as performer or spectator)?
As a performer: Hard to choose from, every concert we perform feels different,
spectator: whenever somebody asks me that question, for some reason I think about D’Angelo’s gig at Ghent Jazz a few years back. We were the opening act that night, and I remember I was blown away by the virtuosity of everyone in that band. And I’m not even a fan of D’Angelo, to be honest. But I’m sure that, once again, every member from STUFF. would have a different answer.

10. How important is technology to your creative process?
I would say very important. There are a few members in the band that are a 100% tech-nerds, always looking out for new ways to make sounds. So there is definitely a link between technology and our sound.

11. Do you have siblings and how do they feel about your career/art?
Yes, we do, and I think they all love what we do. At least that is what they tell us.

STUFF.’s upcoming new album Old Dreams New Planets will be released via Gondwana Records on 7th September 2018.

Photo © STUFF.