Picture: Still House Plants by Still House Plants
Picture: Still House Plants by Still House Plants

Still House Plants and 13YC at West Germany / Saturday, 27.5.2023

Still House Plants are a UK group made up of Jess Hickie-Kallenbach, Finlay Clark and David Kennedy. From a bare bones set up of guitar, drums and vocals they create fractious and sharp music with a melting pop heart. Bridging elements of sampling, Slow Core and repetition the trio have developed a sound that constantly breaks apart and fuses together again.

Their second LP Fast Edit, released on Blank Forms and Bison, was written aided by was written aided by mobile phones, dictaphones, laptop recordings, conversations and live shows, blending fidelities and aural spaces. Things sit on top of each other, fall over one another, or click into place, with hearts on sleeves and spirits in motion.

13YC aka 13 Year Cicada are Philip, Hotti and Zooey – 3 friends who all play samplers plus instruments. Their journey as a band reaches back seven years, and their jelling as human and musical collaborators promises many more to come. All three musicians have a background in jazz which they managed to escape quite early on in their careers – not because they lack the love for the genre but because becoming a part of a less elitist and more diy scene seemed important (ok, also sometimes moshpits are just more fun than chairs). In 2017, with their frst album ‘Totem Tongue’ they found a beautiful home in Gandula records (Barcelona), proud to share a roster with bands as great as ZA!. They followed up with their second album ’00YES’ in 2019 and released a single in collaboration with Berlin underground label tomatenplatten (‘Fourtrack Mind Vol. 3’) in 2021.

13YC have so far toured Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Croatia, Italy, Czech Republic, France and are constantly on the quest to minimize power dynamics, starting with their own way of working. If people could get rid of the divine right of kings, just think what we could do 13 years from now? ‘haha gravity’ is their third studio album, released in a triangle collaboration between Gandula, tomatenplatten and Blaublau Records.

HOSE presents: Still House Plants / 13YC

27.5.2023 | Doors 20:00 | Starts 21:00 CET
West Germany | Skalitzer Strasse 133 in 10999 Berlin
Tickets only at the door


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