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Stefan Schneider and Koshiro Hino at Spektrum Berlin / Thursday, 01.12.2016

In February 2016 Koshiro Hino and Stefan Schneider met during a joint performance in Osaka. During the short trip, they discovered many similarities between their hometowns Kobe and Dusseldorf, which each have a decades-long, rich tradition in experimental electronic sound. In her current live act both Koshiro Hino and Stefan Schneider work primarily with analog equipment. Synthesizer, sine wave generators or tape recorder are not playd to reconstruct a 70s sound, but as the elementary building blocks of a very contemporary exploration of electronic sound.

YPY is a solo project by an Osaka-based musician KOSHIRO HINO who also plays a central role in the bands Goat and Bonanzas. The compositions he produce for the bands are marked by the frequent use of muted sounds and overtones, while actively employing the sounds that are not part of the standard chromatic scale. Numerous works have been produced alongside under the moniker of YPY from his own cassette label birdFriend. Following his first EP “Visions” release from Berlin-based Nous in 2015, his debut album “Zurhyrethm” is out this June from EM records from Osaka. In2015, a new project was launched, named “Virginal Variations”, which he explores the classic-electronic crossover with a larger ensemble.

From 1994 Stefan Schneider has been devoted to electronic sound and since then active worldwide. Founding member of the bands Kreidler (1994-99), To Rococo Rot (1995 – 2014) and collaborations with among others Joachim Roedelius (Cluster), Dieter Moebius (Cluster), Bill Wells, Barbara Morgenstern, Klaus Dinger (Neu!), Hauschka, Alexander Balanescu, St.Etienne, Arto Lindsay, Sofia Jernberg, Sven Kacirek, Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Katharina Grosse, John McEntire (Tortoise). Since 1994 performed in Europe, Algeria, USA, Japan, China, Kenya, Australia, Malaysia. From 2011 extensive recordings with Sven Kacirek (HH) of traditional music in Kenya, in collaboration with the Goethe Institute Nairobi and UNESCO.

Stefan Schneider and Koshiro Hino LIVE

Thursday 1st December 2016 | Doors 19:00 Start 20:00
SPEKTRUMberlin | Bürknerstraße 12 | 12047 Berlin-Neukölln

spektrumberlin.de | Event @ Facebook

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