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Station 17 at Lark / Tuesday, 19.9.2023

Following the release of their new album “Oui Bitte” on Bureau B Station 17 come to Berlin for a special live concert at Privat Club in September.

After a period of distance Station 17 just wanted to stand in a room together again and make some music, so they drove out of Hamburg to a remote site in the hills of the Hohe Geest in Schleswig-Holstein and played some new song sketches together – all day and late into the night. Afterwards they wanted to play the results live at a concert in Fabrik, a venue in Hamburg. No one in the band expected that the sessions would result in an entire album, but the music told them once again: what had been created here in the radiance of the moment could not be reproduced. A moment of happiness for the band collective. “Oui Bitte”, Station 17’s 11th album had been born – quite unexpectedly, between pool and trout pond.

It shows again and par excellence that Station 17’s is a pleasure to listen to. Why is that? You can either follow the intuitive reference play, the traces of genres (so to speak: listening with knowledge), or you can be geared to the dense interplay between driving, elegiac rhythms and a flowing, aesthetic stream of consciousness, either lying down or dancing with a liberated mind and body. Everything seems possible in the boundlessness of their music. The seven songs are irrigating these candid invitations into a flowing aesthetical stream bundling them into a pleasure which lets you forget your own disposition.

“Oui Bitte” shows Station 17 as a band of experts in a kind of acoustic transcendence. Their music tenderly forces you to engage in all of this at the same time. Already in the field recordings of the Elbe shore with which “20.000 Meilen unter dem Mond” begins you are being offered a pact: Hand over all control to the music, swim out to the open sea and be thrown back to yourself – just so you can indulge in the sonic waves.

Station 17

Tuesday 19th September 2023 | Doors 19:00 CET | Starts 20:00 CET
Lark | Holzmarktstraße 15-18 | 10179 Berlin

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