Hier findet Ihr unsere Leistungen für Medienpartnerschaften und Kooperationen.


SOULEANCE is the result of the partnership between the talented producer Fulgeance and DJ Soulist of What The Funk.

Fulgeance is one of the artist belonging to the French label “Musique Large”. Leading and managing several projects (Peter Digital Orchestra and Connecticut), this talented producer and remixer is well known for his devastating beats and his stunning live performances.Focused on hypnotic and electronic Hip Hop, Fulgeance subtletly mixes his different influences in order to extracte a “Low Club” groove, anthem and hit track of his last EP at Musique Large.

Soulist our demagogue French funcky president, is the inventor and DJ resident of the Paris’ night events What the Funk, which sixth anniversary has just been celebrated. Disco, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, latine music as an obsession, his mixes have met numerous artists and reknown DJs, such as Cut Chemist, Keb Darge, Dj Vadim, Quantic, DJ Numark, Dudley Perkins, Madlib, Pilooski .


Soulist and Flugeance met in 2006 while performing and have decided from then to work together on a new project called « Souleance »…. Souleance, is the mixture of Soulist’s organic influences and Fulgeance producer ‘s know how and malice.

An uncomplex project which comprises several energies, Rythms and beats such as Hip Hop (Manana), Break (Le Monde and One Step) or funcky 80ies (Cool FM ).


Already playlisted on April the 2nd by Gilles Peterson on Radio One extra (BBC), their first EP titled “Le Monde” shall be released on the 26th of May 2009 by the great English label First Word Records (Kidkanevil, Haggis Horns, Homecut…)

Souleance, Le Monde EP, a five Track EP to dance or not on and a duo for which we will be soon envied. http://www.myspace.com/souleance