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Phillip Sollmann – Monophonie at Volksbühne Berlin / Tuesday, 7.02.2017

MONOPHONIE is a happening composed by Phillip Sollmann, using selected Instruments by Harry Partch, selected Sonambient Sculptures by Harry Bertoia and the Double-Siren by Hermann von Helmholtz. With Ensemble Musikfabrik.

Due to his output and particularly his constant and remarkable DJ presence, Phillip Sollmann (also known as Efdemin) is surely one of the most independent, versatile and inspiring characters in today’s scene. That’s as striking as it’s conflicting with his production work. Calm, cool and collected, Efdemin’s music is infused by elegant darkness, discreet beauty and the complete lack of jittery. With long players and 12-inches for Dial or Curle, his remixes, his Pigon project together with RNDM or his drone and ambient pieces under his original name Phillip Sollmann.

Bertoia´s Barn 2016

Visiting Bertoia´s Barn in Bally, PA in september while selecting the pieces to be used in Monophonie

Slået op af Monophonie i Fredag den 28. oktober 2016

Ever since its formation Ensemble Musikfabrik is particularly dedicated to artistic innovation. New, unknown, and often personally commissioned works in an unusual media are typical of their productions. Exploring the capabilities of modern communication forms, and new possibilities for expression in musical and theatrical areas, are a focal point. Interdisciplinary projects that can include live electronics, dance, theatre, film, literature and creative artists, along with chamber music, and the confrontation with works using open form and improvisation, extend the traditional conducted ensemble concerts. Discussion concerts and the experimentation with alternative concert forms involving audience participation are also part of this. Thanks to it’s extraordinary profile, and its superb artistic quality, the Ensemble Musikfabrik is sought after world wide and is a trusted partner of renowned composers and conductors. Since 2013 the ensemble owns a complete replicated set of the Harry Partch instruments. Furthermore, the double bell brass instruments are another outstanding trait of the ensemble’s eagerness to experiment.

Phillip Sollmann w/ Ensemble Musikfabrik

Tuesday, 7th February 2017 | Start 20:00 CET
Volksbühne | Linienstraße 227 | 10178 Berlin-PrenzlauerBerg

phillip-sollmann.de | musikfabrik.euvolksbuehne-berlin.de | Event@Facebook


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