Slim Soledad

Slim Soledad is a black travesti, performer and DJ from Sao Paulo, based in Berlin. Her body moves through the different sounds inter-passing rhythms like Baile Funk, Vogue and contemporary dances. These connections develop nuances in her body’s creative process as a performer and in her musical production. Co-founder the queer collective Chernobyl to a BPOC and LGBTQIA+ audience in Brazil.

Slim Soledad is part of the Amplify Berlin creative development program for emerging musicians at ACUD MACHT NEU during February 2021.


1: Drama queen.

2: Solid.

3: Bitch, respect me.


1. What is the biggest inspiration for your music?
For sure my biggest inspiration is Linn da Quebrada and Jup do Bairro. Besides being very close friends, I think they really motivated me to go on this music journey and understand my

2. How and when did you get into making music?
 I started making music about a year ago. I started thinking about producing music because I have been DJing for 3 years, so all this time I have been increasing my research and understanding what I really want to produce.

3. What are 5 of your favourite albums of all time?
Lyra Pramuk – Fountain
Amaarae – Angel you don’t know
Ventura Profana e Poderserdesligado – Traquejos Pentecostais para Matar o Senhor
Ojerime – B4 Breakdown
Kali Uchis -Sin Miedo (Del amor y Otros Demonios)

4. What do you associate with Berlin?
For sure the music makes me think of Berlin, but I think the club culture is something I really associate with the city as well.

5. What’s your favourite place in your town?
I guess after almost two years living here I still don’t know a favorite place, but I love it when there are sunny days and I can lay in a park and listen to music with friends.

6. If there was no music in the world, what would you do instead?
I don’t know what I would do if there was no music in the world, I am thinking it’s kind of impossible. But if that was the case I would work with visual arts, which is something I already do as well.

7. What was the last record/music you bought?
I bought two JLZ singles, he is a producer from Brazil.

8. Who would you most like to collaborate with?
Azealia Banks.

9. What was your best gig (as performer or spectator)?

10. How important is technology to your creative process?
Like 100% important for my process, because without it I can’t develop half of what I do. Of course there would be other ways and more manual methods, but I find it essential to the things I’ve been doing.

11. Do you have siblings and how do they feel about your career/art?
I have a younger brother and I believe he likes the things I do and much more. He supports me in all my decisions, regardless of whether I have an artist career or not.

Photo © Ojema