Sliding thru the OPERA at ufaFabrik / Sunday, 18.7.2021

A bizarre band of two trombones and a piano loses their lead singer. The musicians desperately try to keep the show going. In the ensuing dialogue between text and music, they touch on simple but significant aspects of life. Underneath an overall entertaining façade one will detect many allusions to canonical works. Sliding thru the OPERA highlights the absurdities in the opera medium, the ludicrousness in its texts, its visual extravagance and excessive budgets. It also criticizes the music industry’s lack of appreciation for musicians who are often treated like replaceable pawns.

The result is a deconstruction of the opera genre, ravishingly funny, full of quiet melancholy and critical questioning of the art world.

“How are you supposed to understand the Magic Flute without the lyrics, huh?”

“Nobody understands the magic flute. Does anyone here understand the Magic Flute?“

Tenor/Alto Trombones: Lars Karlin
Bass Trombone: Tomer Maschkowski
Piano: Ohad Ben-Ari
Dramaturgy: François Regis
Music: Rossini, Mozart, Bizet, Wagner, Prokofiev and Quincy Jones

Sliding thru the OPERA

18.7.2021 | Doors 18:30 CET | Starts 19:00 CET
ufaFabrik Berlin – Internationales Kulturcentrum | Viktoriastr. 10-18 in 12105 Berlin | Event @ Facebook

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