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Sleaford Mods at Columbiahalle / Thursday, 03.05.2017

Sleaford Mods released their latest album English Tapas via Rough Trade Records. The album was recorded at Steve Mackey’s (Pulp) West Heath Garage studios in London. Jason Williamson discusses English Tapas: “Andrew walked into some random pub and saw “English Tapas” scrawled on the menu board. Underneath this beautiful coupling of words were it’s components, half a scotch egg, cup of chips, pickle and a mini pork pie” It says everything about this fucking place. It’s comedy, it’s make do, it’s ignorant and above all, it’s shit”

And now go learn all their lyrics so you can scream along to bangers such as Jobseeker:


Can of Strongbow, I’m a mess
Desperately clutching onto a leaflet on depression
Supplied to me by the NHS
Is anyone’s guess how I got here?
Anyone’s guess how I go?
I suck on a roll-up – pull your jeans up –
Fuck off, I’m going home

Sleaford Mods + Karies + Noseholes

Tuesday, 14th November 2017 | 21:00 CET
Columbiahalle | Columbiadamm 9-11 | 10965 Berlin

sleaford-mods.myshopify.com | columbiahalle.berlin


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