NK presents: Sissy Spacek + Batalj at Ohm / Sunday, 25.10.2015

Sissy Spacek is a concrète grindcore band that atomizes torrentials of multi-multidirectional percussion, guitar, voice and electronics from the mouse and mind of John Wiese.

Wiese is an artist and composer living in Los Angeles, California. He works primarily in recorded and performed sound with a focus on installation and multi-channel diffusions, as well as scoring for large ensembles. He has toured extensively throughout the world, covering the US, UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.


BATALJ is an experimental noise outfit currently based in Berlin. With distorted analog synthesizers accompanied by frantic drum assaults, effect-drenched guitar arrangements and shrieking vocals the four-piece concocts a barely comprehensible soundscape of deformed rhythms, riffs, blasts, bleeps and more or less controlled chaos.

Taking their cues from diverse musical damaged goods hailing from hardcore punk all the way through to harsh experimental noise BATALJ creates a truly furious and highly inventive sonic assault.

Sissy Spacek + Batalj

Sunday, 25. October 2015 | 20:00 CET
Ohm | Köpenicker Str. 70 | 10179 Berlin/Mitte

sissyspacek.bandcamp.com | batalj.bandcamp.com | nkprojekt.de | ohmberlin.com


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