D/B Recommended: Shitparade 10 @ Ritter Butzke Berlin | Saturday, 13.07.2013

Berlin label Shitkatapult founded by DJ and producer T.Raumschmiere celebrates its tenth annual Shitparade at Ritter Buttzke this July.

The action packed lineup includes Oval, Andreas Dorau, Gudrun Gut, Daniel Miller, T.Raumschmiere, Thomas Meinecke, Raz Ohara, Fenin, Thomas Fehlmann, Daniel Meteo, Patric Catani Vs Ill Till, Thomas Brinkmann and many more.

As a musician, Markus Popp aka Oval’s process was more theoretical in nature. Creating the platform and knowing what that platform could and should do to the sound sources. He selected the sound sources and then turned it over to the platform.  Popp spent years woodshedding with his instrument and worked diligently to push the instrument beyond its normal sonic boundaries.

Oval | AH!

Thomas Meinecke was born in Hamburg, Germany, and lives south of Munich in pre-alpine rural Bavaria. He is a novelist, a musician, and a DJ. Thomas has been publishing books on Suhrkamp since 1986. Thomas has been recording with his Munich-based band F.S.K. since 1980 in Germany, England, and the U.S.A. From the mid 1980’s until the very evening before John Peel’s funeral F.S.K. have recorded more John Peel BBC 1 Sessions than any other non-British band.

Berlin musician, composer, producer and broadcaster, Gudrun Gut is a seminal figure in the German music scene. Through her ever-changing interdisciplinary music-based practice and regular output of recordings and performance activity, she has maintained a high profile in Europe for over thirty years.

Gudrun Gut | Move Me

Mute label founder Daniel Miller first became interested in synthesizer music at Guildford School of Art where he studied film and television from 1968-71. Synthesizers were becoming cheaper to buy and new bands were appearing such as Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire. This inspired Miller to create his own music. Making some money from film editing and working ridiculous hours he gathered enough money to buy a cheap Korg 700S synthesizer and a four track tape recorder. This led to the creation of The Normal whose hits TVOD and Warm Leatherette remain classics as good as any record released on Mute.

daniel miller

Patric Catani got involved with electronic music after discovering the computer game music of the Commodore64 games, Bomb the Bass (Beat Dis), Public Enemy and other Electronic, Dance + Rap music of the mid- late 80s. After a passionate time of ripping his favourite music out of games, he moved on with using the old homecomputers for programming and sequencing his own sounds.

Patric Catani | Heartstrong

THOMAS FEHLMANN remains as one of the most endearing and respected artists on KOMPAKT. He has inspired generations of fans and musicians over the course of his 30+ year career. From his early days as part of the legendary band PALAIS SCHAUMBURG, and the pioneering Detroit/Berlin act 3MB (with JUAN ATKINS and MORITZ VON OSWALD), to his longstanding membership with THE ORB, combined with his contributions as a solo artist on esteemed imprints R&S, PLUG RESEARCH and of course KOMPAKT, where he has released 2  solo albums, his musical works have been prolific.

10 years of the greatest business in the world (= no money, much stress) can do us no harm!! Shitkatapult and its side arms Musick, Meteosound and the publishing company Random Noize Musick have released over 100 records and what can we say, they are all great. We could not achieve world domination, as originally planned, but at least we can offer a very special brand of music and our understanding of running a good record label: we do what we like!!!


Whether it’s cutting edge electronica, raw tech-rock, electronic composing, dubdope beats or fragile ambient epics. All in all this is guaranteed to be a fantastic party and one of the club events of the summer.

 Oval, Andreas Dorau, Gudrun Gut, Thomas Meinecke, Patric Catani Vs Ill Till, Strobocop, Daniel Miller, T.Raumschmiere, Raz Ohara, Thomas Fehlmann, Fenin, Marc Weiser, Daniel Meteo, DJ Flush, Thomas Brinkmann
presented by Shitkatapult

Saturday, 17 July 2013 | 21:00 CET
Ritter Butzke | Ritterstraße 26 | 10969 Berlin/Kreuzberg

shitkatapult.com | ritterbutzke.de