SEMIBREVE festival 2020 at Tibães Monastery & Online / 24.+25.10.2020

In the year Semibreve reaches 10 editions, the festival is forced to think of an alternative edition, which departs from the idea of seclusion to present a diverse program to be enjoyed at a safe distance. SEMIBREVE returns for its first ever digital edition, inviting participates to interact virtually with exclusive sound works and performances, especially commissioned for SEMIBREVE 2020.

The 2020 edition of the Semibreve will take place on the weekend of 24 and 25 October online, via the festival’s website, and locally within the confines of the Monastery of São Martinho de Tibães, a monastery built in the 17th century. Its program will be comprised of new music specially commissioned for the occasion, roundtables aimed at discussing music and sound art nowadays, audiovisual installations, specially filmed performances, artistic residencies and workshops, all in full compliance with COVID-19 measures.

Commissioned Sound Pieces by Jim O’Rourke, Beatriz Ferreyra, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Jessica Ekomane, Ana da Silva, Kara-Lis Coverdale and Tyondai Braxton

— Commissioned Filmed Performances —
with Laurel Halo, Oliver Coates, Klara Lewis and Gustavo Costa
— Artistic Residencies —
with Laurel Halo,Klara Lewis, Nik Void, Oliver Coates and Pedro Maia

The alternative edition of SEMIBREVE 2020 will take place simultaneously online and at the Monastery of Tibães, in Braga, free of charge. Access to the Monastery will incur a ticket with a cost of 4 euros, that will revert entirely to support the renewal and maintenance of this historical building. The entry will be limited to the capacity defined by the health authorities at the time of the festival.

SEMIBREVE festival 2020

24+25.10.2020 | Starts 10:00 CET
Tibães Monastery & Online | Event @ Facebook

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