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Sebastian Arnold and TripAdLib at Panke / Saturday, 03.09.2016

To mark the occasion of the release of his new Telegram EP one-man-band drummer Sebastian Arnold will perform a special live concert at Panke in Wedding this September. He’ll be joined live on stage by Beeha label mates TripAdLib and Digital in Berlin’s own D/B Sound System will round of the program with another of their exclusively eclectic DJ sets.

Sebastian Arnold is a mad scientist drummer, electronica artist, hardware hacker and software developer from Berlin. He is touring as a one-man band and uses his drum kit to interact with sequencers and sythesizers. His music is a danceable mixture of jazz, electronica and post-rock. You can find Sebastian’s albums on his own Berlin-based indie label beeah–music, iTunes or Spotify. He is also part of the duo Arnold+Sukroso and is currently working on a new solo album that features his graphical Senode sequencer.

TripAdLib is 100% organic electro. The trio uses drums, bass and synthesizers to create a unique real-time mixture of minimalistic four to the floor beats, repetitive basslines and hook-driven rhodes melodies.

Sebastian Arnold and TripAdLib

Saturday, 3rd September 2016
Panke | Gerichtstraße 23 | 13347 Berlin/Wedding

sebastian-arnold.net | tripadlib.com | pankeculture.com | Event @ Facebook

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